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About the Project

Bees in the City is a collaborative research project developed by students and staff at the University of Westminster which has been generously funded by the Quintin Hogg Trust. The project aims to explore the factors that impact on wild bee populations in London. Bee hotels will be designed, built, and installed across the University of Westminster sites in London to be monitored. These will attract a range of solitary bees and make them available for research and education projects on species diversity, ecology and health. The primary research focus will be on identifying the bee species and their parasites and predators by DNA barcoding. 

We are taking a collaborative approach by working with a growing list of expert researchers in the field of Entomology, Virology, Parasitology, Genomics, and Engineering as well as with students from various courses at the University of Westminster to continue to develop our project in partnership with researchers and students. We are also interested in expanding our network to gather data from outside our university sites through collaboration with external partners and citizen scientists.

join our Slack group for regular updates on our project and contact us for more information.

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