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Meet the Team: Team Members
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Dr. Tony Madgwick

Team Leader

Tony is our Project Leader for "Bees in the City" and Principal Lecturer in Cellular Pathology at the University of Westminster. His main interests rest in the relationship between human activity and bee populations, and the development of citizen science projects to track and monitor populations of bees in the city.

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Dr. Polly Hayes

Parasitology Leader

Polly's  research interests include the diversity, ecology and evolution of arthropods and how they interact with parasites and other pathogens. She works on both aquatic and terrestrial arthropod systems, including species of wildlife, agricultural and medical importance, ranging from bees to blood feeding flies.

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Dr. Adele McCormick

Virology Leader

Adele is a Virologist with research interests currently focusing on HCV and HIV antiviral drug resistance.


Dr. Nadege Presneau

Sequencing Technology (Genomics) Leader

Nadege is a Cancer Genetics and Genomics researcher at the University of Westminster. She leads the Westminster Genomics Facility and is a Molecular Biologist with expertise in Cancer Genetics and Genomics but also with a strong interest in the biology and Genomics of Vertebrate and Invertebrate organisms.


Prof. Izzet Kale

Engineering Leader

Izzet's research area is in Applied Digital Signal and Image Processing Systems and Sensors and Sensor Networks for Remote Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnostics in Various Application Areas Including Biomedical Applications. He is particularly interested in Sensing, and monitoring of the bees, and their activities, their automated identification as well as the construction of the bee hotels.


Dain Son Robinson

Public Relations and Communication

Dain is a recent graduate from the University of Westminster and the Founder of the student Environmental Society at the university with a passion for increasing biodiversity and wildlife population in London. She works closely with our academic team to help deliver our goals and outcomes by engaging with the students and stakeholders within the university.

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